Multi-Family Loans

At Lending Bankers Mortgage, we specialize in a wide variety of commercial loans for purchase, development and refinance of diverse properties in South Florida. Those interested in apartments, duplexes, and similar multi-family units may apply for a multi-family loan in Miami.

Why Apply Through Lending Bankers Mortgage for Multi-Family
Financing in Miami?

We make it easy to apply for a multi-family loan.

During your free consultation, we will assess your qualifications and ask you questions about what you are looking for in a loan. You do not need to verify your income if you choose to use the stated income method.

Our network includes more than 130 vetted lenders throughout the South Florida region.

This means that we are able to offer you a wide selection of loans with competitive interest rates and excellent terms.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to making the loan application process as smooth as possible for quick approval and fast disbursement of financing.

With over a decade of experience in multi-family lending in Miami, we are familiar with the challenges and timetables faced by commercial borrowers looking to invest through acquisition, development or redevelopment.

Your customer experience is our number one priority.

You will find our experts to be knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. Like you, we value transparency and communication. We are dedicated to making sure that you understand and are comfortable with the terms of your loan. We ask questions to understand your needs; we answer questions to ensure your needs are being met.

Apply Now for Your Multi-Family Mortgage in Miami

If you are ready to get the multi-family financing you need, Lending Bankers Mortgage can connect you with a loan product which is ideal for your needs. To schedule your free consultation, please call (786) 220-1100. Let’s get you set up with a multi-family loan in Miami.

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