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Documents required for a residential loan mortgage

1. Credit History

When you apply for a mortgage, we must access your credit report to know how credit worthy (or risky) you are as a borrower. Borrowers with high credit score are more likely to qualify for a larger loan, better loan options, and/or a more favorable interest rate . We’ll need your Social Security number and date of birth.

2. Your Property

  • Copy of signed sales contract including all parties
  • Verification of the deposit you placed on the home
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of all realtors, builders, insurance agents and attorneys involved
  • Copy of Listing Sheet and legal description if available. You may also need to provide condominium declaration, by-laws and most recent budget, ....if the property is a condominium.

3. Proof of Income

To make sure that you are able to make your mortgage payments, we need to see proof that you have a source of income. Following documents are usually required:

  • Copies of your pay-stubs for the most recent 30-day period and year-to-date
  • Copies of your W-2 forms for the past two years – Your W-2 forms will help your lender verify that you are employed and will show your income ...history.
  • Names and addresses of all employers for the last two years
  • Letter explaining any gaps in employment in the past 2 years
  • Work visa or green card (copy front & back)

If self-employed or receive commission or bonus, interest/dividends, or rental income:

  • Provide complete tax returns for the last two years PLUS year-to-date Profit and Loss statement, * If you have filed an extension, please supply a ...copy of the extension.
  • K-1’s for all partnerships and S-Corporations for the last two years
  • Completed and signed Federal Partnership (1065) and/or Corporate Income Tax Returns (1120) including all schedules, statements and addenda ...for the last two years. (Required only if your ownership position is 25% or greater.)

4. If you will use Alimony or Child Support to qualify

  • Provide divorce decree/court order stating amount, as well as, proof of receipt of funds for last year

5. Source of Funds and Down Payment

To qualify for a mortgage, you need to be able to show that you have some money for the closing costs. Acceptable sources of funds may come from:

  • Sale of your existing home – provide a copy of the signed sales contract on your current residence and statement or listing agreement if unsold
  • Savings, checking or money market funds – provide copies of bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Stocks and bonds – provide copies of your statement from your broker or copies of certificates
  • Gifts – provide Gift Affidavit and proof of receipt of funds
  • Based on information appearing on your application and/or your credit report, you may be required to submit additional documentation.

6. Copy of Your Earnest Money Deposit

The earnest money deposit is a deposit made by a buyer towards the down payment in evidence of good faith when the purchase agreement is signed. You may be asked to provide a copy of the earnest money deposit.

7. Copy of Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is used to verify that you’ll have sufficient coverage on the property when getting a mortgage. It covers any damages that may affect the home’s value.

8. Debt or Obligations

  • Details of all current debts with copies of the last three monthly statements
  • Details of mortgage holders and/or landlords for the last two years
  • If you are paying alimony or child support, include marital settlement/court order stating the terms of the obligation

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Drew Leeman
Drew Leeman
23:23 26 Mar 24
Danny and his partners were exceptional collaborators, guiding me through a challenging refinancing process with unwavering support. Despite the project's difficulty in securing financing, their dedication and hard work ensured a perfect fit for my refinance. I enthusiastically endorse them and am already planning my next deal with them, just a month after closing the previous one.
Iban Rodriguez
Iban Rodriguez
01:09 07 Mar 24
La experiencia que tuve con Juan Grieben fue sumamente positiva. Desde el inicio, se mostró notablemente atento, brindando información detallada en cada etapa del proceso. Su actitud proactiva y su enfoque informativo hicieron que la gestión del préstamo fuera fluida y clara. Definitivamente, lo recomendaría por su profesionalismo y compromiso en brindar un servicio de calidad.
Jerry Palermo
Jerry Palermo
17:58 07 Feb 24
I don’t know how else to put this… THESE people know ALL the moves. Over the many years I’ve been an accountant, I’ve worked with many mortgage brokers. This team is BY FAR, the BEST I’ve worked with.Bruce Davenport & David Otero really changed my outlook on what it is brokers do. I was able to get quick hard money for 2 projects in the same week. Phenomenal.
David Ouaknine
David Ouaknine
19:54 04 Feb 24
This was the best experience. Thank you for the excellent service!
Anthony Zammit
Anthony Zammit
12:01 08 Jan 24
Five Stars Miami Sunshine, All Thanks to Juan G. at Lending Bankers Mortgage!From pre-approval to closing day, Lending Bankers Mortgage was a dream come true, and the sunshine in that dream was Juan G.. This is not just a five-star review, it's a standing ovation for the exceptional service and guidance Juan provided throughout our entire home-buying journey.As foreign buyer, I was equal parts excited and terrified. Juan calmly and patiently walked me through every step, explaining complex terms in clear language and always taking the time to answer our endless questions. His knowledge of the mortgage landscape was impressive, and he offered tailored solutions that fit my unique needs and financial situation.Juan wasn't just a loan officer; he was our champion and cheerleader. He kept us informed every step of the way, celebrating our victories and reassuring me through any minor bumps. His proactive communication meant I never felt lost or in the dark, and he was always responsive and accessible, even after hours and on weekends.The entire Lending Bankers Mortgage team was fantastic, but Juan G. made the experience truly exceptional. He exceeded every expectation and turned the potentially stressful process of buying a home into a smooth, pleasant experience. We genuinely looked forward to each interaction with him, and his genuine enthusiasm for helping us achieve our dream was truly infectious.If you're looking for a mortgage lender who goes above and beyond, look no further than Lending Bankers Mortgage and ask for Juan G.. He's not just a mortgage expert; he's a home-buying hero!Thank you, Juan, for making dreams reality! You deserve all the stars in the sky and then some.Sincerely,A Happy customer (and lifelong friend of Juan G.!)P.S. If you're reading this David Otero, Lending Bankers Mortgage President, give Juan G. a raise! He's worth his weight in gold Thank you also David for supporting Juan G and getting this setup in good time for me!
Natalia Alzate
Natalia Alzate
23:52 03 Jan 24
I am so happy with the assistance I received from Pamela Borrero throughout my mortgage process. Her expertise and dedication made the entire experience smooth and stress-free. If you're looking for someone reliable and efficient in the mortgage journey, I highly recommend her. Thank you for your support!
17:41 29 Dec 23
I want to distinguish your agent Gabriel Corrientes, who deserve an A plus at your company. Gabriel was the pushing gas engine on my loan application and he made possible to close my case within the 14 days period. Thanks a lot Gabriel for all your assistance. Have a happy 2024.Also, my appreciation to Mr. David Otero, who from the beginning of negotiation, he and Mr. Gabriel introduce themselves and inspired me the trust to proceed with the loan.Yours,Tobias J. Paulino
Cristina Moreno
Cristina Moreno
01:13 20 Dec 23
David , Gabriel and Nathaly gave me the requirements to save time even before passing the offer. They made a pre qualification so i knew already my capacity to borrow a property, also they offered me different programs that lenders have on market , and they chose the one that fixs my needs.Once pre approved the process for preparation the closing last just a few. The closing was very smooth all the funds came on time right 24 hours before. I really felt confidente and the Team worked fast, coordinated and accurate. I full recommend them.
karolina m
karolina m
01:46 29 Nov 23
Lending Bankers Mortgage (Danny Perez and David Otero) was recommended by RPM Luxe Realty. From day one, Danny made me feel comfortable. I went through the pre-approval, approval, clearing to close, etc. processes with Danny figuratively holding my hand the entire time. There were times when I was literally crying because I was so frustrated and scared and Danny made me feel like everything would be okay. In general, I think RPM Luxe and Lending Bankers Mortgage make a great team. Danny is very relaxed and I’m not sure that he ever feels stressed, which is something unfamiliar to me. I think it’s because he has been doing this for quite some time.Additionally, Danny treats his clients like family. If anything is wrong, Danny takes it personally as though it was his own personal situation.If you are looking for 24/7 concierge service, Danny and David are your guys. After the Thanksgiving holiday, Danny was inflight and texting and emailing the entire time. I was grateful that American Airlines’ Wi-Fi was working so well.
jazmin campo
jazmin campo
17:18 23 Oct 23
Rodrigo y David nos ayudaron de principio a fin y se aseguraron de contestar todas las preguntas que teníamos. Los recomiendo de corazón y volveremos a trabajar con ellos en la próxima casa que compremos.