Energy Financing

As a leading Miami energy project finance company, Lending Bankers Mortgage is your source for funding for a wide variety of energy projects. Whether you are pursuing a venture in thermal power, oil and gas, or renewable energy, we can provide you with customized financial solutions to meet your needs.

Why Choose Us for Miami Alternative Energy Financing?

We are providing alternative energy financing in Miami for one simple reason.
Like you, we know that it is vital to the future of our community and our planet.

Long-term solutions are needed to eliminate CO2 emissions and protect our fragile ecosystem.
We share your passion for ushering in a greener future for our world. That is why we are doing everything we can to fulfill the energy deficit. We can offer you financing to tackle mid- and long-term goals to automate, convert, transport and optimize energy delivery around the globe. Our loan application process is streamlined and simplified to facilitate fast financing so you can get right to work on your project.

If you require a structure of equity and debt, we can help turn your project into a reality by offering you access to global capital and expertise.
With our extensive network of institutional investors, we can connect you with secured first and second lien position financing which is custom-tailored to your project and uniquely suited to the needs of your undertaking. The project risk is directly correlated to market, operating and construction risk.

Work with Lending Bankers on Your Energy Project Today

If you are ready to get the financing you need to embark on your energy project, please call Lending Bankers Mortgage at (786) 220-1100, or email us with your energy request at We will schedule a free consultation to discuss your venture. Lending Bankers Mortgage looks forward to helping you help our planet.

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