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Our foreign national programs include Fixed and adjustable loans for 3, 5 , 7 , 15 and 30 years.
Property Types include Residential and Commercial properties.
Single family homes, condominiums, condotels, townhouses, coops and any type of commercial real estate, in some cases we will also finance vacant land depending on the location using private funds.
Title to the property is allowed to be held under personal name as well as any type of U.S. corporation.
Minimum down payment required is 30%
Here below a list of the basic requirements needed to obtain a loan approval for a foreign national, you can download the list as well as the basic loan application on the page for your convenience.
Self-Employed borrowers must present an Accountant’s income letter and copy of the CPA
License stating how long the applicant has owned the business, its current year to date income as well as the past two years’ of income. (Periods Jan 1 – Dec 31, 20XX ) Please provide original before closing.
Please provide a copy of your company’s articles of incorporation to prove that you are an owner of “x” percentage of shares and opening date.
Salaried borrowers must present an employer’s income letter certifying the time the borrower has been employed, the name of the position he occupies in the company , the monthly and annual income over the last 2 years as well as the current year to date income. Please provide original letter before closing.
Please provide 2 credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.) reference letters from country of origin or USA
Note: Provide also last 2 statements. These must indicate the account number, credit limit, actual balance and average balance (in the country of origin’s currency and US Dollars), opening date and history. Each letter must be written with the institution letterhead on the top. If the borrower has one or more mortgages, a letter is required from the applicant’s bank describing the mortgages and previous payment history.
Please provide 2 bank reference letters from country of origin or United States.
Note: They must indicate the account number, the type of account and it must state that the relationship has been good or satisfactory. Each letter must be written on the Bank’s letterhead, signed, have a contact number for verification and we will need to get the original letters before closing.
Please provide 2 most recent bank statements for each bank account owned or and any other account with liquid investments. ( All pages- screen prints are not acceptable).
Our completed loan application and corresponding signatures (Documents that authorize us to process the loan)
Copy of purchase contract and corresponding addendums.
Escrow letter indicating dates and monies deposited as well as please provide source of monies used for those deposits.
Copy of cancelled checks or wire transfers used to pay initial down payment on unit.
If you are a business owner , please provide website or background on your company.
Copy of current signed passport
Copy of current USA Visa
Proof of residence in country of origin (utility bill like water, cable, telephone, electricity, etc)

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